Color Symphony

Our first fashion collection is called “Color Symphony”. It was inspired during a trip to New York last summer after seeing the Kandinsky exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. Indeed, the work of the artist and his story were our main source of inspiration.

After much research, we discovered that he had synesthesia. It is a phenomenon which consists of an unusual sensory link, in which certain stimuli automatically evoke an additional perception. In other words, by listening to music, Wassily Kandinsky was able to perceive colors and shapes that he represented in his incredible paintings. He is considered as one of the founders of abstract art. And it was music that led him to painting.

At Guillaume Alexandre, music is part of our creative identity. It animates us and inspires us to create. This is what made our founder Guillaume want to study fashion. So, it made sense to us to introduce ourselves with this first collection. “Color Symphony” represents our interpretation of music through shapes, colors and prints!