Guillaume Alexandre

Established in 2023, Guillaume Alexandre is more then a clothing brand. It represents a lifestyle, drawing inspiration from our founder’s unique Franco-Dutch background. It’s a daring fusion of two distinct cultures. On one hand, the French refined style and elegance, and on the other, the lively and colorful spirit of the Netherlands while adding a touch of sensuality to our creations. The brand’s name holds a significant meaning. Guillaume is our founder’s first name, and Alexandre is his brother’s name. When translated into Dutch, these two names combine to form “Willem Alexander” ; which is the name of the Dutch King. It carries a dual symbolism, signifying both the unwavering support of our creator’s family and his deep pride in his heritage.

An ode to creation:

Music lies at the core of our inspiration. Each of our pieces is named after a birth name of an artist who has deeply influenced us. These names represent our passion for music and the creativity it stirs within us. Just like a song that goes beyond words, every item we design is like a musical note adding to the fashion symphony, expressing our desire to create clothes that resonate with the emotion, creativity, and freedom that only music can inspire.

The color orange also holds a special place in our visual identity. It’s not only the national color of the Netherlands but also a warm hue that symbolizes optimism, vitality, and creativity. It brings a lively touch to our aesthetics and underlines our connection to our origins.

Art also serves as a vital source of inspiration. It continually challenges us to push our creativity’s boundaries. It’s also a powerful way to tell our stories and spread our messages. The inspiration we derive from art can be seen in every aspect of our brand: our choices in design, color, pattern, and the emotion that each creation conveys.

A sustainable style:

At Guillaume Alexandre, our commitment to ethical and responsible fashion is at the heart of what we do. We’ve made this a core value. Our production is exclusively in Europe, a choice that helps preserve European craftsmanship and local jobs. But, it also ensures that workers’ fundamental rights are respected, and it reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing the distances our products travel. When it comes to raw materials, we are very particular about their origins. All the fabrics we use are either French or Italian, known for their quality and durability. Some of these materials come from unused stock (Upcycling), allowing us to minimize waste while using existing resources. As for the rest of it, they are made entirely from recycled and Oeko-Tex certified materials (Essentials), ensuring they are environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. In this context, all our buttons are made in France and created from recycled plastic, underscoring our commitment to fighting ocean pollution. Our labels and packaging, on the other hand, are made in France with 100% recycled materials. We firmly believe it’s possible to combine quality, style, and sustainability. Every day, we work towards playing our part in creating a fashion industry that is more respectful of the planet and its people.